Weekend At-Home Workout

Since I live in Germany I don't have air-conditioning in my apartment, which means on a day like today, where the temp are in the upper 80s even at 5pm, there's no way I'm stepping foot outside. However, I've been doing really well dieting and working out at least every other day for the past month and I didn't want to ruin my success streak just because I'm feeling lazy!
Today I'm sharing with you my 3 favorite work-outs to do at home that make a difference in the toning and strengthening department without getting super sweaty.
As always, I have my three essentials for an at-home workout: water, yoga mat and a set of hand weights. You can also choose to have a towel near by or do these workouts with head phones in. As long as you can see the video tutorials you'll be fine!
I like to start off with the XHIT 10 minute Full Body Workout
My booty is my problem area... it's rather delicious and needs the extra toning! So even though the first video had a lot of rear-toning focus I still do the following one as well. They are only 10-15 minutes each anyway so if you don't want to focus on extra booty-toning than you can switch out the video below for THIS 6-minute ab toning session that I love as well.
And lastly I do my arms. Sometimes my arms get really tired from the other videos so I see where my exhaustion level is at this point! But, since I have all day to be lazy sometimes I wait and do my arms later in the afternoon. You don't have to do all the workouts together. If you allow yourself to space out the intensity than you're more likely to do them because you're not dreading a super long excruciating ordeal. Of course this is not how I approach most workouts, but like I said... this is a Saturday or Sunday alternative!

Now put those yoga pants I know you're wearing right now to use and get off the couch! -- but only for a few minutes ;)

With Love, Rachel